Title of Lecture Speaker Download
Challenges in the Clinical and Echocardiographic Assessment of AS: Who is a Candidate for TAVR? Brian Griffin (USA)
Device Closure of Paravalvular Leak- Imaging in Patient Selection and Device Placement Brian Griffin (USA)
Pulmonary Valve Disease in Congenital Heart Disease: How Bad is the Problem? Brian Griffin (USA)
Clinical Value of 3D Echo: Volumes and Valves James Thomas (USA)
Who will Benefit from Percutaneous Management of Mitral Regurgitation? An Imaging Guide to Management James Thomas (USA)
Procedural Guidance of TAVR: How to Assure it Goes Right and What to do if it Doesn't James Thomas (USA)
Hybrid approach to Aortic Arch Surgery Lars Svensson (USA)
Mitral Valvular Diseases Lars Svensson (USA)
Evolution of AVR Lars Svensson (USA)
EnligHTN Steven SL Li (HK)
TRenD and its Expanding Indications Steven SL Li (HK)
A Recorded Case of Amplatzer Cardiac Plug Implantation Yat-yin Lam (HK)
Interesting CoreValve Cases from Prince of Wales Hospital Yat-yin Lam (HK)